Infographic: At-a-Glance Herb Guide for Cooking

Photo by <a href="http://www.heitonbuckley.ie/tips-advice/herb-guide-to-cooking.html">Heiton Buckley</a>

For being so small and unassuming, fresh herbs are such an essential part of cooking. The perfect little pinch of this or sprig of that can make or break a dish, and the selection in the store can be somewhat overwhelming (especially if you're used to ready-made spice blends that are specific to poultry or pies).

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When it comes to fresh herbs, a few things are fairly common knowledge: basil with tomatoes, rosemary with potatoes, cilantro with salsa. But have you ever thought about trying basil with raspberries? Or rosemary with cauliflower? Or cilantro (coriander) with apple pie? Then there are the less-used herbs, which are no less aromatic but seldom seen in recipes, like tarragon and sage.

For the novice cook, the right combinations of flavors can be confusing or intimidating. If you've ever felt stumped with those last little sprigs left in your fridge, check out this handy infographic from Heiton Buckley for mixing and matching complementary flavors in the kitchen.

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