Keeping Kosher in South Robertson

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Everyone knows L.A.'s most famous delis: Langer's makes enough #19 Pastrami sandwiches (not so kosher) every day to feed a small army, and Canter's matzo ball soup is renowned throughout the city. But for some of the best, most authentic kosher eats, the South Robertson area can't be beat. The streets are lined with delicatessens, and if you're in the mood to cook some kosher food yourself, there's no better place to be: SoRo is home to L.A.'s best kosher grocery stores. Head west for delicious deli favorites, or pick up some challah and break bread at home.

This Pico restaurant is not your average deli -- there are no pastrami sandwiches on the menu, and there's no rye bread to speak of. Instead, settle in for a fusion of Mexican inspired dishes with traditional kosher preparation. Try some carnitas tacos (with beef and duck instead of pork), or treat yourself to a brisket burger with onion marmalade.

Elat Kosher Market
Elat is a wonderfully classic kosher market defined by its fusion of Mediterranean flavors and American sensibilities. A wide selection of meats and fish, both fresh and packaged, and an in-store bakery make this grocery store feel personal and local, but the brand names and stocked shelves don't fall short of big-store expectations.

Pico Kosher Deli
Thick pastrami sandwiches, turkey on rye, and huge kosher pickles are the hallmarks of a classic kosher deli, and Pico Kosher is no exception. They serve up enormous sandwich combos and big bowls of matzo ball soup, but for a twist on the traditional, try the Deli Dog, a hot dog with pastrami on top, or a pastrami burger.

Sunday Kosher Kebabs I Photo courtesy Livonia Glatt Kosher Market

Pico Glatt Market
This grocery is exactly what you'd picture from a kosher market. The aisles are stocked with packaged goods, the fridges with prepared salads and kosher-cut meats. The frozen section and the sauce selection will make the kosher-keeping snacker smile: they're multinational, and cover all sorts of flavor bases. The wine selection is much more than Manischewitz, and sure not to disappoint.

Livonia Glatt Market
Livonia Glatt is the Whole Foods of kosher groceries. Its broad selection of healthy yogurts and snacks, interesting jams and teas, and fresh produce are classic California, but all of the goods stocked are traditional kosher. There's a seriously impressive wine selection for kosher drinkers on any kind of budget. Cuts of meat and fish are prepared in-store, and shoppers can even pick up sushi and fresh baked goods. On Sundays, the market plays host to a kosher kebab cookout. Livonia Glatt delivers locally, order online or hear into their store to stock up on healthy, fresh kosher eats.

Haifa Restaurant
A true taste of Israel in the heart of South Robertson. Haifa Restaurant serves up delicious falafel, schwarma, and hummus. Their babaganoush and stuffed vegetables are legendary. Head over early on the Sabbath to try all their specials.

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