Labor Day Weekend Grill Round Up

There's nothing like a long weekend to inspire the grill master in all of us. If you're cooking at home this weekend, we've got a perfect round up of some of our favorite summer grill recipes. Pack up for a picnic, or pick up some booze, invite over a few friends, and fire up the grill for a backyard party.

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Thai BBQ Chicken With Sweet Chili Sauce

In 1982, Tommy Tang opened a Thai restaurant on Melrose, and brought papaya salad and Massaman curry to the hip, mainstream masses. The sweet crowd-pleasers Tang chose to indoctrinate L.A. with are now seen by some foodists as out-of-date and even, horror of horrors, inauthentic. But here's the thing: they're delicious. Which is, as far as we're concerned, just about the most important part of a recipe. So, in honor of the longer, sunnier evenings we're enjoying, we invite you to dust off the grill and try this jewel of early-80s Thai cookery -- you'll love these retro flavors.

Photos courtesy of Verses From My Kitchen

Grilled Cherry Sours
What better way to combine the flavors of summer (and to grow up your lemonade) than with cherries on the grill. Michael Lewicki, the man behind Verses From My Kitchen, brings us a recipe for Grilled Cherry Sours that pairs the sweet, summery taste of cherries and lime with the smoky heat of the grill. If you'd like to keep your Sours lemonade-y youthful, we suggest replacing the gin with sparkling water or limeade. Cheers!


Sotto's Whole Grilled Orata
Living in Southern California means we can pretty much fire the grill up any day of the year, but it doesn't always have to be steak, chicken or ribs--instead, try grilling a whole fish. For this, we turn to chefs Steve Samson and Zach Pollack from Sotto, a new hidden Italian gem near Century City.

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Steven Raichlen's Grilled Shrimp Cocktail with Chipotle Orange Cocktail Sauce

This amped-up twist on the classic shrimp cocktail, where the meat is grilled rather than steamed or boiled, give it a much more interesting flavor. The chipotle orange cocktail sauce helps with that as well! We got this flavorful recipe from Steven Raichlen, KCET grill master extraordinaire.

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