L.A.'s Iconic Dish: The Strawberry Donut at Donut Man

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Photo by Flickr user Ron Dollete

Los Angeles has spoken.

We gave you a field of 16 choices, from savory to sweet, from eastside to westside, all of them totally delicious and entirely L.A. And in the end, you chose a dish that represents the apotheosis of one of the Southland's most ubiquitous treats.

Though a pastrami on rye, French dip, chicken and waffles, and even BBQ chicken pizza were all strong contenders, SoCal went sweet with this vote.

The strawberry donut at Donut Man is L.A.'s Iconic Dish!

Visitors to L.A. County invariably comment on the donut shops dotting every corner, much like Starbucks in Seattle. But The Donut Man, located in Glendora, takes the sweet treat a step further, with the addition of fruit. And in classic California style, they only use local, in-season fruit to adorn their gluttonous treats. Strawberry season is over, but if you go soon, you'll catch their peach donut. And those are pretty good, too. Almost iconic, I'd say.

Congratulations to The Donut Man!

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