Liquid Tuesday: A Pair of Pairings

A weaker journalist might stoop to the following pun: You'd better be prePAIRed this week for all of the beer, wine and tequila pairings happening all over town, including last night's sausage and beer lovefest at Hangar 24 in Redlands. Thankfully, you won't find that sort of low brow reportage here, just straightforward facts about what's good to drink this week in and around the City of Angels.

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It's imPAIRative (whoops) that you start your week off right, with a tequila pairing at downtown's Yxta Cocina Mexicana. The popular Mexican food spot is upping their game from behind the bar, with a series of tasters from the Tres Agaves folks in Mexico to go along with a selection of appetizers. And, if you stick around for dinner, your $20 entrance fee will also get you 20% off your meal. That's probably not something you were prePAIRed for (jeez, there goes another one).

If craft beer is more your style, make your way down Sunset Blvd. to the Sunset Beer Company. They're letting the San Diego-based Alesmith brewery man the taps for an evening, with kegs that are sure to please the masses. Keep your tastebuds on high alert for the Yule Smith summer selection. If you can last until the weekend, Far Bar is bringing their own brand of summer, dedicating an entire day to great summer brews. A slew of local and craft breweries are on board, with a tasty selection of summer styles to compliment the BBQ that'll be cooking on the patio all day.

Or, you could choose to rePAIR (uh oh) your soul in Pasadena, with a wine pairing at Old Town's Vertical Wine Bistro. The bottles and speakers on hand will both be from Ampelos Cellars, a small winery in Santa Barbara. If the $62 pricetag makes you desPAIR (ok, last one), you should know that the brewery is organic and biodynamic. Besides, there are plenty of great drinks-inspired events this week, it's just a matter of choosing your favorite.

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