Liquid Tuesday: American Craft Beer Week!


People with a predilection for the vino or bubbly, avert your eyes. Better yet, pull down the shades and stay inside for the next few days, because for the rest of us, it's American Craft Beer Week! That's right, a weeklong raising of glasses nationwide to celebrate those small-batch geniuses who keep us on our barstools.

You likely won't be able to drive more than a mile or two in any direction without stumbling upon some sort of mini-celebration in accordance with American Craft Beer Week. Out east, Golden Road Brewing is turning their taps back over to some of the best beers they've come across in the short amount of time they've been open. That means rare pours, collaborations, and all sorts of madness behind the bar. Just a few miles away, Tony Yanow will be keeping himself busy at Tony's Darts Away with a night of Firestone Walker beers. They're driving down the coast with some out-of-stock selections that you won't want to miss.

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More centrally located, Koreatown's Beer Belly is putting Wednesday night to good use as they host yet another leg of The Bruery's fourth anniversary celebration. Like the previous versions from the well-known OC brewers, expect a keg of their rare Fruet to be tapped and quickly depleted. Or, if you're headed to the beach this weekend, consider stopping off near the airport (ugh, we know) to try the newest double IPA from El Segundo Brewing. They're celebrating one year in the game with their first ever batch of the hoppy stuff, and have planned a VIP celebration that includes custom growlers and first-in-line fills of their newest creation. $50 gets you in the door early, or hold out until 2pm to get in with everyone else.

There are plenty of craft beer spots around town worth celebrating, so head out to your local hotspot. There's a better than even chance that they'll be having some sort of fun for American Craft Beer Week.

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