Liquid Tuesday: Beer, Beer, Everywhere

It's party time! Or at least this week would have you believe as such. Celebrations abound, from San Diego county to Downtown L.A., with craft beer being more than enough reason to toast your friends, neighbors and new acquaintances. Or, if you're looking for something a bit more subdued, the Surly Goat folks are bringing some beer-brewing surfers around, Pasadena will be discussing wine and Hollywood might just get a little crafty.

First up is Maui Night at the Surly Goat, your midweek savior from your humdrum office life. Slip into the West Hollywood craft beer mecca and immediately be transported to the islands, a warm and inviting seclusion you can almost taste. Well, in fact you CAN taste it, at least in beer form. The Maui Brewing folks are in town and they're bringing some of their unique brews, such as their coconut porter, and dropping off a few kegs of new stuff for an LA debut, of sorts. Of course, you could hold out until Friday night if it's a beer party you want. San Diego County's Stone Brewing is turning 16 (still not of legal drinking age, but we're not one to call the cops), and to celebrate they've pulled in a lot of favors with other breweries. Nearly two dozen will be on hand at this two-day celebration, pouring drinks for long lines of happy (and hoppy) revelers. Head down Friday night to meet some of the brewers and grab an early taste o a few of the more limited beers.

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If the very notion of standing in lines and waiting for beer makes your smoking jacket wrinkle, stick close to home with yet another tasting event from the Whole Foods Arroyo Wine Lounge in Pasadena. For one night, they'll be showcasing a selection of Lucas & Lewellen wines, hand-made in Santa Barbara county. Owner Louis Lucas will even be on hand to make sure you're enjoying yourself. If you don't even want to leave Hollywood, spend your Saturday putzing around the Hester Street Indie Craft Fair, which is back for another round. The street festival is becoming more and more popular as the summer rolls on, and this go-round offers independent vendors hawking their handmade wares, next to hardworking folks manning a few food stations as well. Should you develop a thirst, slake it at the outdoor craft beer garden for a nice, calm way to spend your summer weekend.

Just in case we misjudged you all along and you can handle all this craft beer and more, know that Saturday will also feature the 3rd Annual LA Craft Beer Crawl, a downtown-specific event taking place at some of their most popular spots. From Seven Grand to The Golden Gopher and back, beer will be pouring fast, The Beer Chicks will be on hand offering guidance, and there will be plenty to eat along the way. One thing's for certain: there's no excuse to just stay in this week, no matter what your level of commitment to life is.

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