Liquid Tuesday: Festival Season Is Here


We know you're still a little groggy from last week, and that's OK. Frankly, we don't blame you; the American Craft Beer Week can be a lot to take in over the course of seven days. But Memorial Day weekend is just a few days away, so it's time to let loose again -- and there are plenty of alcohol-friendly events to get you prepped for what should be a fantastic weekend.

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Tonight, and every Tuesday moving forward, the bar at Hollywood comedy theater iO West is doing its best rich man / poor man. They'll pair any top shelf shot with a beer that could use a little class, or they'll let you pull from the cream of the beer list and let a bottom shelf shot ride along. Either way you decide to flip it, the price is $7.

Elsewhere, The Spice Table (which we love) and Orange County's The Bruery are teaming up for an eight-course BBQ dinner and beer pairing. As the local brewer continues to celebrate their fourth anniversary, expect a few rare beers to be poured here. Speaking of which, the Samuel Adams Utopia is coming to The Surly Goat on Thursday. The once-in-a-lifetime beer comes in swinging at around 27% alcohol, and was aged in various barrels for over a decade.

Come the weekend, things really start to wash down smoothly. The 9th Annual Newport Beach Wine Festival kicks off, for anyone looking to spend time at the Balboa Club. You can buy passes or pay a la carte; with master sommeliers, cheese pairings and giant tastings, there's certainly something for everyone. Closer to home, Sunset Beer Company is letting the small batch Figueroa Mountain Brewing take over their taps for a night. And if anyone is considering getting out of town for the long weekend, consider making your way to the California Festival of Beers in San Luis Obispo. Most of your favorite breweries are making the trip anyway. Maybe you can hitch a ride.

If you haven't already made Memorial Day plans, it sounds like you just started. This week, there's something for everyone on your adult beverage list, so you're officially out of excuses to have yourself a great extended weekend. But whatever you decide to do this weekend, please stay safe. We'll have a cold one waiting for you when you get home safely.

[Photo by dugfresh via Flickr.]

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