Liquid Tuesday: It's Not Just America Celebrating Anniversaries


Man, are we back from the 4th of July already? Well, don't tell the bosses, because productivity in this city is at an all time low (don't fact check that, please). And with the beer-heavy lineup of events happening this week, it sure looks like our regional relaxation crisis is about to get dangerous.

First up, there's a lot happening tomorrow night downtown. Play your cards (and your outfit) right, and you just might be able to squeeze in both. Beginning at 5:30, gLAnce Wine Bar in the JW Marriott Hotel will be hosting a complimentary wine tasting for anyone and everyone. To help pour glasses and keep you from dozing off, they've brought in winemakers to discuss the very vinos you'll be imbibing. Don't worry, there's no test at the end. After that, head over to The Edison for a 1930's themed whiskey party. The rye of the hour is Templeton, a small batch distillery born from Prohibition - and still using the same recipe. Dress in your best period clothing for a chance to win prizes. If not, the $10 Templeton cocktails apply to everyone, all night.

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Later in the week, Colorado's New Belgium Brewing will be rolling through Hollywood, pouring beers and making people smile. They're setting up shop on Friday at the Blue Palms Brewhouse and opening up a few rare pours, like their Prickly Passion Saison. Sounds tasty enough. If that's not enough of a party for you, Beachwood BBQ & Brewing is celebrating their one year anniversary with a slew of shindigs from LA proper all the way out to Alhambra. You can find them at 38 Degrees on Saturday, pairing up their suds with burgers and other eats, plus unveiling their Anniversary Triple IPA.

That ought to be enough to get you out of your slump this week. But if you need a little something to roll you into Monday, try making it down to Whittier. The 6740 has been pouring ales for 15 years, and they're kicking off two weeks of celebrations to enjoy the fact. Head down, grab a beer or two, and remember: there's always more to drink next week.

Photo courtesy rosalynlouise via Flickr.

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