Liquid Tuesday: Rare Beers, Bike Rides and the Art of the Booze


Already looking forward to the weekend? Who can blame you. After all, it's not your fault. Here in Southern California, it's been summer since, like, 1997, which can make your time indoors a little unbearable. But just in case you do decide to slow down and enjoy the work week, we've got a few weekday drinking events that should certainly boost your spirits.

It's going to be a busy humpday (that's Wednesday, you monsters), beginning with local folks Eagle Rock Brewery putting up a One Night Stand at Koreatown's Beer Belly. The tasty craft beer and bad-for-your-heart dinner spot is going the extra mile (or, few miles, really) to bring in all of Eagle Rock Brewery's popular pours. They'll have the Manifesto, Populist and Solidarity, as well as their lesser-known Ginger Saison. If you'll be downtown instead, consider pre-pre-pre-gaming for the Kings victory parade at Far Bar, the Little Tokyo hideaway tucked in through a brick alleyway. They're getting a big fat keg of the Ruination 10th Anniversary, a hopped-up version of the popular IPA from Stone Brewing in San Diego county. Here's to bitter beer face forever.

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If silly life commitments don't allow you to consume much alcohol during the week, start planning now for a couple of fantastic events happening Saturday and Sunday. First up is the Bike, Brunch & Beer ride, an 11-mile friendly pedal from Golden Road Brewing to Tony's Darts Away, down to Mohawk Bend and back. The organized event requires a $25 registration fee, but each stop is planned out with drink specials and tasty bites to keep you upright and smiling. If cocktails are more your speed, hold out until Sunday for the Art Beyond the Glass event happening in the heart of Hollywood. The ambitious cocktail party is featuring more than two dozen of LA's finest bartenders as they mix creativity and a little healthy competition into an afternoon of revelry. The $40 pricetag seems with the drinks alone, but you can also expect a curated selection of displayed art and eclectic music.

From beers to bikes to cocktails, it's shaping up to be another fantastic week to grab a drink in Los Angeles. If you can't find a spot to let loose a little this week, you're just not trying hard enough.

Photo by jenniferchong via Flickr.

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