Liquid Tuesday: Summer Just Won't Quit


We have officially reached the apex of summer. Well, not according to "scientists", but all calendars point to tomorrow's Fourth of July as the pure height of summer revelry. Plus, it's mid-week this year, giving all of us a great excuse to hang out with friends, throw some sort of protein into a fire tub, and drink alcohol. In fact, this whole week's got some great alcohol events. Behold!

In keeping with the calendar, downtown's Church & State is rolling out a new cocktail menu. The ambitious libations include such fun names as Gin Gin Smash, Elope and Scarlet Ruse. Most drinks have a summery, fruit-infused bent to them, including the Strawberry Fields, which mixes the berry with sade, gran classico and a healthy splash of vodka. If you're looking to celebrate our independence properly, hold out until tomorrow's drink deals at City Tavern in Culver City. They'll be offering a pretzel / growler combo for $15, where you can get one of their housemade salty twists with a beer growler of your choice. Nothing says America better than carbs and beer.

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In true summer fashion, the Hester Street Fair pops up again in the heart of Hollywood. Based on the popular New York summer event of the same name, this go-round features a curated list of foods, some fine local merchants and a craft beer garden to wait in while your significant other does all the shopping. Day drinking in the Hollywood sun? There's nothing more summer than that. Unless, of course, you want something a little more... debonair. Just across the street, small-batch food and drink spot Wood & Vine is hosting a wine tasting to give us city folk a taste of the Central Coast. $8 will get you a few pours from some of the coast's best wineries, including Summerland Winery, Cordon and others.

If you've still got it in you after several summer sessions, you can make the drive down to Stone Brewery in northern San Diego County. Their immaculate space features vaulted glass walls and an impressive garden patio, upon which a few hundred friends will be professing their love of sour beers from across the globe at the Sixth Annual Sour Beer Fest. These aren't your usual lagers and ales, so tread lightly; Stone Brewing doesn't do anything halfway. But isn't that what summer's all about, guys? Let's get out there and make the most of it!

Photo by ryen5 via Flickr.

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