Liquid Tuesday: The Return of the Mac


Grab your coats and hail a cab: Tom Bergin's is back! Starting last night, the popular Carthay Circle-adjacent Irish bar on Fairfax is up and running again. After a prolonged construction period that forced them to miss their first St. Patrick's Day in decades, the whiskey and Guinness is once again flowing like... well, whiskey and Guinness.

A bit further south in Culver City, the Unibroue folks from way up north (Quebec, to be specific) are pouring some beers at L'Ã?picerie Market. The $45 price tag comes along with five courses of casual French fare and a selection of tasty beers to wash it down with. Just down the street, City Tavern is giving you Sunday respite from your Mother's Day woes by pairing up four courses with a glass of premium brew as well.

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Elsewhere, Naja's Place in Redondo Beach is putting the wraps on their 4th annual IPA festival. They've been dedicating the majority of their taps to hoppy IPAs from all around the country, but the event closes on the 10th, so plan accordingly. In Alhambra, The Bruery opens up a keg of rare beer in celebration of their fourth anniversary. The popular Orange County brewery will be hitting the road for ten different events in the coming days, with the Alhambra fete slated for 38 Degrees Ale House & Grill.

Between the beach city IPA festival and the mid-city Tom Bergin's reemergence, there's no reason not to stop off for a pint this week. Whatever your local watering hole happens to be.

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Image by Flickr user guzzleandnosh.

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