Liquid Tuesday: Wine Month Moves to the Westside


As California Wine Month continues this week, we look westward. Between Beverly Hills and an international vino experience happening in Santa Monica, things are getting downright yuppie in here. To help combat things a bit, Echo Park's Sunset Beer Company is throwing a party, and we've got a good line on a few party buses headed to Alpine Village for Oktoberfest. If this Liquid Tuesday doesn't give you an excuse to drink, you're not trying hard enough.

First up is a winemaker dinner at A1 Cucina Italiana in Beverly Hills, happening tonight. The rustic Italian hotspot is welcoming in Jim Clendenen, the owner and winemaker behind Santa Barbara's Au Bon Climat, a winery we've tipped you off to before. The four-course meal features an array of delicacies beyond the wine, including grilled octopus and lamb shank. If you're more of a Wednesday drinker, you can still make plans to be in the 90210 for a Taste of Garagiste. The one-night event at L'Ermitage is focusing on California small batch winemakers with bold ideas -- and even stronger wines. Otherwise, keep heading west until you hit Santa Monica Place, where they'll be hoisting international glasses of wine all night long. Slovenia, represent!

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Looking for something a bit more raucous? Bartender Rocky Yeh from Seattle will be slinging tiki drinks at The Spare Room on Hollywood all night on Wednesday as well. Or, you can hold out for the weekend, where the Beer in Paradise crew is letting you join in their party bus shenanigans. The fun begins in Whittier and moves (at a snail's pace, so no one spills their craft beer) to Alpine Village in Torrance, to celebrate what must be about six months of Oktoberfest.

Don't be afraid to stay in L.A., either. The Sunset Beer Company team is happily celebrating one year in business with a full on party all their own. We sure love those folks, and it's about time you got to know them yourself. Plus, with food trucks, DJs on hand and a party that lasts all day, it's a guaranteed good time. Basically, it's a party all over town, and you're invited. It would be just plain rude to not attend.

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