Look Online For Last-Minute Thanksgiving Meals

Organic pear pie | Photo by <a href="https://www.goodeggs.com/la/thanksgiving">Good Eggs</a>
Organic pear pie | Photo by Good Eggs

Maybe you're suddenly realizing that cooking a feast for 12 is turning out to be a terrible idea, or you hadn't planned on cooking at all but now you're warming up to the idea of hosting a few friends. Whatever the case, time is ticking and you have no recipes, no food, and no idea what you would even make.

Fear not — there are a plethora of grocery stores and websites willing to serve up a multi-course meal on Thanksgiving Day, some with as little as 24 hours' notice. All you have to do is bring the booze.

Whole Foods Market
At Whole Foods Market, a traditional turkey meal for 8 runs $129 and includes an organic turkey from Diestel Farms, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry relish. Don't eat meat? They also offer a vegan option that serves 4 for $69.99, and includes wild rice cranberry fig roast, cranberry relish, vegan mashed potatoes, vegan mushroom gravy, and vegan cornbread stuffing. If you simply need to round out your meal, individual sides and desserts can be purchased a la carte. Order online for local pick-up.

Bristol Farms
Bristol Farms offers a wide variety of fully cooked meats, stuffings, sides, and desserts that you can mix and match from their holiday menu. Order a traditional turkey or honey spiral ham as the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving meal, or try something new this year with their slow-roasted goose. Fill out the rest of the table with sundried cherry pistachio stuffing, butternut squash risotto, scalloped potatoes, or French cranberry chutney. Order online for local pick-up.

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Safeway, Vons, and Pavilions
Safeway, Vons, and Pavilions stores offer complete holiday dinners (serving 6 to 8) with only 24 hours' notice — or less, if you're really procrastinating. Choose from their traditional turkey, spiral ham, or prime rib dinner, which comes with a selection of vegetables, rolls, and pies. Just call their Holiday Hotline at 1-888-358-7328 or stop by the deli section of your local store to place an order. Order by phone or in person.

If you actually don't mind donning an apron but shudder at the thought of mile-long lines in grocery stores:

Amazon Fresh
A food delivery venture of the Amazon you already know, Amazon Fresh offers same-day and morning deliveries to select zip codes in Southern California. Aside from the usual assortment of grocery goods (and there's a lot, as you might come to expect from the e-tailer), Amazon Fresh still has California-grown organic and free-range turkeys from Pitman Family Farms and Marconda's Meats available. Order online for free delivery over $35.

Good Eggs
This delivery service in Los Angeles brings the farmers' market to you with a selection of sustainable meats and fresh produce from local farms. Good Eggs carries heritage turkeys from BN Ranch and free-range turkeys from Pitman Family Farms, along with all the fixings for Thanksgiving, whether you want prepared sides, baked goods, or just the freshest ingredients available. You can even be a "good egg" and opt to donate produce to Food Forward, a local nonprofit, with your order. Order online for free delivery.

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