March Against Monsanto Events Planned Across California

Photo of an anti-Monsanto protestor in Maui by Ian MacKenzie/Flickr/Creative Commons License

Thousands of SoCal residents will be out in force this Saturday, October 12, marching against what they see as the dangerous encroachment of Monsanto and its genetically modified ingredients into our food supply.

The purpose of the marches is to call for the "permanent boycott of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other harmful agro-chemicals," according to the March Against Monsanto website. There are marches planned on six continents, in 52 countries, in over 400 cities. Forty-seven states in the U.S. will play host to marches.

Monsanto is the company most visibly affiliated with genetically modified organisms, especially those found in subsistence crops, which is why they bear the brunt of the protests.

The protesters will be joining together in the names of many different causes: though the stated purpose is to eradicate GMOs, many marchers would probably settle for accurate food labels.

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Here's a list of 12 March Against Monsanto events taking place this Saturday across southern and central California -- click through for more details. Come back here to KCET Food this weekend: we'll have photos and reporting from the marches in San Francisco, L.A., and San Diego.

March Against Monsanto: Oxnard | 9 a.m.

March Against Monsanto: Los Angeles | 10 a.m.

March Against Monsanto: Riverside | 10 a.m.

March Against Monsanto: Antelope Valley | 11 a.m.

March Against Monsanto: San Francisco | 11 a.m.

March Against Monsanto: Yucaipa | 12 p.m.

March Against Monsanto: Venice | 12 p.m.

March Against Monsanto: Oakland | 12 p.m.

March Against Monsanto: Three Rivers | 12 p.m.

March Against Monsanto: Orange County | 1 p.m.

March Against Monsanto: Long Beach | 1 p.m.

March Against Monsanto: San Diego | 1 p.m.

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