Martha Stewart Still Takes Bad Photos of Food ... and Still Doesn't Care


Domestic diva (and purported foodie) Martha Stewart put the Twitterverse into a tailspin a few months ago when she started posting really bad photos of food to her Twitter feed — really bad. (In fact, the photo above from this week is one of her best yet.)

Hey, that just makes her like the rest of us sometimes, right?

Except when your reputation is built on impeccably styled plates of Panfried Trout with Almonds and Parsley and Asparagus, Snap Pea, and Avocado Pasta, or when something as simple as Cocktail Meatballs can make you salivate, these kinds of photos from the queen of homemade can be quite disconcerting:


To all the shock and snickers that ensued, Martha had this to say:


There's #foodporn, and then there's #struggleplate. Martha's uploads undoubtedly fall into the latter. You know it's bad when even Nokia sends out a tweet offering Martha a free (and presumably better) phone for photo taking.

What makes us chuckle are the captions that accompany each photo. Reading them on their own conjures up visions of the finest food at five-star restaurants: black truffle, white truffle, foie gras walnut brioche. But maybe these semi blurry, poorly lit, ill composed photos should be considered an inspiring thing. Nobody's perfect, not even Martha. This is all real food, made and eaten and shared by a real person. The dishes don't intimidate. They likely look beautiful in person and taste even more amazing at first bite. They may not make you hungry after looking at them, but maybe Martha's onto something here: the new form of the "Instagram diet"?

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A few more winners/losers from her feed (depending on how you look at it):


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