Mix It Up On International Cachaça Day

While most food holidays seem to be created for no other reason than because a certain food's in season -- or because (our pet theory) that the murky Powers That Be bought a few too many fill-in-the-blanks at the local farmer's market -- today's actually has an interesting story behind it: International Cachaça Day is celebrated every year on this date because it marks the anniversary of Portugal declaring the beverage illegal in their colony of Brazil in 1744. Now whether this story is real, or apocryphal, or simply a clever marketing scheme, no one's really sure. But it kind of doesn't matter. (You know, print the legend, etc.) So, let's celebrate this once-maybe-possibly-illegal drink by showcasing the variety of ways it's mixed around the world.

A cocktail made of Abelha Gold cachaça, stirred with sugar cane syrup, Peychaud's bitters and pressed apple juice. Photo by Flickr user Jonny Ho.
A cocktail with Abelha Gold cachaça, stirred with sweet vermouth, orange bitters and Maraschino liqueur. Photo by Flickr user Jonny Ho.
An "iceless banana daiquiri," with mashed banana, rum, cachaça and simple syrup, lime juice and cointreau. Photo by Flickr user urbanbohemian.
Cachaça and "a whole lot of berries." Photo by Flickr user brixton.
A "warm caipi-mojito," made of warm cachaça and with steeped mint leaves. Photo by Flickr user Sifu Renka.

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The Abelinha, made of cachaça, honey and pink grapefruit juice, cranberry and pineapple. Photo by Flickr user Jonny Ho.
Cachaça sangria. Photo by Flickr user pit thompson.
White grapes, ginger, Gewurtztramminer juice from Navarro, Leblon cachaça, limes, and a smoked sugar rim. Photo from the Mokomandy Facebook page.
Cachaca served from jugs containing various infusions. Photo from Flickr user Marilane Borges.
Cassava-flavored cachaça. Photo by Flickr user Eduardo Pelosi.

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