Mushroom Month in Los Angeles

September is National Mushroom Month, and even though this summer was hot and dry, forcing most socal mushrooms into estivation, we're excited to feast on some L.A. funghi. Whether you're chowing down on a bowl of veggie pho equipped with more mushrooms than you know the names of or firing up the grill for portobello burgers, we hope you're ringing in the shroomy fall season in style. Celebrate with one of the unique L.A. mushroom dishes from our gallery, and tell us where you get your favorite fungal foods!

Porcini mushroom linguini with portobella cap from Pappardelle's Pasta at The Grove Farmer's Market | Photo:jkwoo/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Vegan mushroom soup special at Cabbage Patch | Photo: Muy Yum/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Shiitake mushroom and onion pizza from Bossanova in West L.A. | Photo: jericho1ne/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Roasted crimini, portobella, shiitake and oyster mushrooms at Capital Grille | Photo: Muy Yum/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Keema curry with mushroom, potato, and soft boiled egg, at Curry House in Little Tokyo | Photo: Jose Wolff/Flickr/Creative Commons License

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Piccolo Paradiso's polenta topped with porcinis and truffle fondue | Photo: Muy Yum/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Spring rolls from Silver Lake's Pho Cafe: shrimp and pork, mushroom and tofu | Photo: Eliza Mills
Tom Yang Kung soup with shrimp, lemon grass, and straw mushrooms from Typhoon | Photo: Muy Yum/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Jiraffe's wild mushroom ravioli with aged gouda | Photo: Ed Kwon/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Umami Burger with shiitake mushroom from Umami Burger | Photo: Muy Yum/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Mushroom walnut pate, Trappe Echourgnac cheese, caramelized onion, and parsley grilled cheese at the Grilled Cheese Invitational | Photo: Kelly Bone/Flickr/Creative Commons License

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