My Five Last Meals

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It's not surprising to feel macabre today. It is, after all, the one week when you're supposed to feel that way. But this year feels as if it has an extra whammy of Edgar Allen Poe-esque eerie dread. On top of Halloween, you have two recent threats to the continuing existence of the human race to think about. One is real (the continuing presence of Hurricane Sandy mucking up the entirety of the East Coast, to the point where it wasn't surprising that people believed stills from "The Day After Tomorrow" were actual footage from the disaster) and one is imagined (Joss Whedon predicting that a Romney presidency will bring about the inevitable zombie apocalypse). But both are terrifying.

So it's not shocking, then, my brain went to the ghoulish thought of my inevitable death. And from there, also not shocking, my brain went to what I'd eat for my last meal. So, after much consideration and weighing of the pros and cons, I present to you my five last L.A.-based meals if I get the chance to have a week of gorging before that time comes when I turn in my one-way ticket to the Great Beyond.

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1. Beef Dip from Phillippe's
In the war between the two Los Angeles-based factions who claim to be the originators of the French dip, it's the one over at Phillippe's that's my preference. While their side dishes leave something to be desired, seeing as we're talking about the final gastrointestinal plunge here anyway, I'd solve that problem by simply ordering up two sandwiches.

2. Ramen from Daikokuya
If I'm craving something a little more exotic for my taste buds' final go-round, it's going to be Daikokuya's signature dish. In it you got bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, green onions, sesame seeds, noodles, thick pieces of pork belly, and an egg, all brewing in a delicious pork broth that was boiling in a large cauldron all through the night at an "undisclosed location," according to the mysterious passage on their menu. That's a ton of food, and a ton of variety. Perfect to leave this mortal coil with.

3. Double-Double Meal, Animal Style, from In-N-Out
No tomorrow means no regrets. In fact, I'm ordering two.

4. Something with Lobster at Son of a Gun
This may be considered a bit of a cheat, but it's my last meal so I'm allowed. Since Son of a Gun changes their menu daily, I can't completely predict that their options are going to be what my body wants on that day of reckoning. But I'd make sure to give them a courtesy call -- if the phone lines were still working, of course -- and check in to make sure they have a lobster-based dish I can get.

5. Traditional Deep Dish Meat Pizza from Masa
I've already written about my love of various pizza pies in the L.A. area, including this perfect Chicago deep dish fabrication over at Masa of Echo Park. And while I'm not ready yet to give it the crown for the best Los Angeles pizza overall, it gets the nod here simply because of its sheer size. Last meals are all about trying to make those last few bites go... as... long... as... they... can. Oh, and also as you can tell by the above selections, having as little regard to health as is possible.

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