National Beer Day in L.A.

It's National Beer Day! It may come as a shock that every day isn't beer day, but the real deal only comes once every September 28. Fall in L.A. is a great time for beer -- you can get away with sipping on your favorite light, citrus-y summer brews, but it's cooling down enough to start on heavier, spicier, seasonal fall ales. Los Angeles is home to a few top notch breweries and a host of great beer bars, so you should have no problem celebrating this awesome holiday in the finest fashion. Cheers!

A small sample of the bottle selection at Sunset Beer Company | Photo courtesy Sunset Beer Co.

Sunset Beer Co.
Sunset Beer is more than a bar...in addition to their few curated taps, SBC sells unique, rare beers by the bottle. Pick up some of your favorites and bring them home, or pop them open at the bar and mingle with the hip Echo Park crowd.

Bottles ready to ship at Eagle Rock Brewery | Photo courtesy Eagle Rock Brewery

Eagle Rock Brewery
You can get Eagle Rock Brewery beers on tap all over Los Angeles, but perhaps the best way to experience their boozey fare is at the brewery itself. Sip on cheap pints of Manifesto and Solidarity -- show up every other Wednesday for pub trivia and food truck feasting.

Golden Road's local brewed beer, including their Point The Way IPA and Golden Road Hefeweizen | Photo courtesy Golden Road Brewery

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Golden Road Brewery
Our love for Golden Road is well documented, and we would be remiss to forget this L.A. beer favorite on National Beer Day. Hit up the pub for pitchers of the brewery's on-tap options and giant soft pretzels -- last one to take a sip when the train whistle blows buys the next pitcher!

Just a few of the taps at L.A.B.C. | Photo courtesy Los Angeles Brewing Company

Los Angeles Brewing Company
With 100 taps and an in-house beer club, Los Angeles Brewing Company has a lock on the L.A. beer scene. Try something unique and local, or settle in to watch the game with a well-known classic.

Beer being poured at Angel City Brewing | Photo courtesy Angel City Brewing

Angel City Brewing
Recently renovated and now back in action, this Arts District brewery is home to some delicious local brews. For now, you'll have to settle for tasting their beer elsewhere (it's pouring in bars all over the city), but the brewery opens back up to the public in November.

Hangar 24's Orange Wheat -- find it on tap at Mohawk Bend and other craft beer loving bars around town. | Photo courtesy Hangar 24

Hangar 24 Brewery
Hangar 24 is up in Redlands, but you can get their beer on tap in in bottles all over Southern California. Known for their tasty seasonal brews and their collaborations with other local breweries, Hangar 24 is ready to party. Oktoberfest anyone?

Some of the funky carbonated fare at Galco's (head back a few aisles and you'll find the strong stuff). | Photo courtesy Galco's

Galco's is best known as a soda shop -- they sell enough rare sodas to fill a warehouse -- but it's also home to a massive collection of beer. If you're looking for a bottle of something rare, or just want to make a mix and match six-pack from the offerings in their aisles and aisles of bottled brew, this is the place for you.

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