National Chocolate Ice Cream Day Isn't Every Day?

Call us cynical, but most "food holidays" seem like a not-very-subtle way to drive profits towards a somewhat under-appreciated (meaning, under-purchased) food. By promoting something like "Artichoke Day," it implants the idea of that food out to the masses, and probably boosts sales for a day or so. That's our theory anyway, and one that makes complete sense. Well, until you get something like National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Who among us doesn't purchase chocolate ice cream on a regular basis? Why do the chocolate ice cream lobbyists spend time pursuing the national holidays racket when, really, they should just be swimming in pools of money, Scrooge McDuck-style? In any case, seeing as chocolate ice cream is literally one of the greatest desserts in the history of humans eating desserts, we thought we'd open up our gallery a bit and travel outside of the greater L.A. area for a few photos towards the bottom of our gallery. Enjoy!

Rocky Road sundae with a chocolate chip cookie on top from Diddy Riese in Westwood. Photo by Flickr user m kasahara.
A bowl of leche quemada and coffee chocolate from Matteo's. Photo by Flickr user LWY.
Chocolate ice cream with hazelnut brittle from Santa Monica's Sweet Rose Creamery. Photo by Flickr user Muy Yum.
Chocolate ice cream from The Bazaar in Beverly Hills. Photo by Flickr user Muy Yum.
Chocolate gelato from Locanda Veneta in Mid-City. Photo by Flickr user Muy Yum.
A pair of ice cream sandwiches -- including one of peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream, which we're counting here, because, look at it! -- from Milk. Photo by Flickr user dL-chang.
Lemon-lychee and chocolate ice cream from Scoops. Photo by Flickr user audelising.

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A cherry and chocolate ice cream sandwich from San Francisco's Nopa. Photo by Flickr user frankfarm.
Photo of a chocolate sundae from San Francisco's Ghirardelli Square. Photo by Flickr user ladybugbkt.
A "black and tan" sundae from Fenton's Creamery in Oakland. Photo by Flickr user Thomas Hawk.
Photo of line of chocolates from Margot's Ice Cream Parlor in San Juan Bautista. Photo by Flickr user Ned Raggett.

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