National Taco Day in Los Angeles

October 4 is National Taco Day! Tacos are a SoCal staple -- locals brag about ours being the best this side of the border, and visitors can't get enough. Los Angeles Mexican food is also incredibly versatile, and if you've lived here long enough you'll have seen both good and bad in upscale restaurants, hole in the wall places, and roving trucks. L.A. is home to inventive fusion (kimchi tacos, anyone?) and tried and true classics (al pastor made on a trompo), and there are so many options that something delicious is probably right around the corner. These are some of our favorites, what are yours?

Fish taco from Best Fish Taco in Ensenada | Photo courtesy Best Fish Taco in Ensenada
Korean short rib taco from the Kogi truck | Photo courtesy Kogi BBQ
Res (beef) in mole, nopales (cactus), and carnitas tacos from Guisados | Photos courtesy Guisados
Al pastor tacos with radishes and lime from El Chato | Photos courtesy El Chato
Four assorted tacos from Pinches in Hollywood | Photo: David Roseborough/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Yuca's famous cochinita pibil tacos | Photos courtesy Yuca's
Pho marinated beef tacos from Xoia | Photos courtesy Xoia Eats
Truck tacos from La Estrella | Photos courtesy La Estrella
Platefuls of Mariscos Jalisco's shrimp dorado tacos | Photos courtesy Mariscos Jalisco
Tacos Leo cooks their tacos al pastor on a traditional spit called a trombo and serves them with pineapple | Photo:LadyDucayne/Flickr/Creative Commons License

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