NUR - Raymond & Nurdin

How would it feel to cook for your culinary mentor of 10 years in your own restaurant, in a completely different country than where you met? This short film showcases a pivotal reunion between British master chef Raymond Blanc and his French protégé and popular restaurant chef Nurdin Topham.

"He's very much like a father figure in the kitchen," Topham says of Blanc.

Watch Topham as he plans a menu and executes the meal for his mentor's highly anticipated visit to Topham's hip Hong Kong restaurant NUR.

"I've been given a great gift with his tutelage," Topham says. "Now it's my opportunity to, hopefully, show him that it was worth it."

Will Topham approve of the meal?

"There is no more gratification to a teacher than to see his students become his equal," Blanc tells Topham. "I want you to be better than me."


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