Pass the Salsa, L.A.

In Los Angeles, salsa is not just a condiment. Here, salsa is king. Spicy, hot, mild, pico de gallo, pineapple, double-roasted, corn, guacamole, red sauce, green sauce, black sauce, wild sauce, chipotle, mango... and on and on and on. There are more varieties of salsa within a stone throw's of your apartment than there are stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So today, on our designated day of celebration for National Salsa Month, we bring out salsa's glory through all its incarnations.

[Braised lamb shank with salsa criolla and cilantro beer sauce at Mo-Chica, photo by Flickr user Ed Kwon]
[Salsa from West Hollywood's Marix Tex Mex, photo by Flickr user MuyYum.]
[Photo of salsa from Chico's in Highland Park by Flickr user m kasahara.]
[Some homemade corn salsa by Los Angeles-based Flickr user feministjulie.]
[Kimchi salsa, which won the grand prize in a 2006 "Taste of Korea" cooking contest in L.A. Photo by Flickr user Joits.]
[Breakfast spread from Porto's Bakery in Glendale, with a heaping helping of salsa. Photo by Flickr user KayOne73.]

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[A braised beef spring roll with cuban black bean salsa on top from Asia de Cuba in West Hollywood. Photo by Flickr user KayOne73.]
[The Chronic Park Nachos, featuring salsa and everything else, from Angels Stadium in Anaheim. Photo by Flickr user Mastery of Maps.]
[Potato taco plate from Lares Restaurant in Santa Monica. Photo by Flickr user MuyYum.]
[Quesadilla with salsa verde and sesame seeds, at Kogi. Photo by Bruce W. Martin II.]

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