Rangpur Lime Salad from Vital Zuman Organic Farm in Malibu

A salad made with produce and edible flowers from Malibu's Vital Zuman Organic Farm (Photo: Siel Ju)

If you've driven up the Pacific Coast Highway to visit Malibu's beaches, you've likely seen a sign for Vital Zuman Organic Farm. This local organic farm's where you can stop by to get a taste of a fresh, local delicacy: The mallion.

Never heard of the mallion? That's because mallions are really green garlics, each grown from a single planted garlic clove. "We call them 'mallions' because they're grown in Malibu, and also due to the fact that fresh-harvested green garlic is not readily available and we know ours are unique, very healthy, and very special," says Alan G. Cunningham, farmer and farm owner.

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Vital Zuman Organic Farm has been around since 1955, but few in the L.A. area know that the farm welcomes locavores and visitors seven days a week. The on-site farm store carries freshly-harvested fruits and veggies from the farm, jammed and pickled edibles, local raw honey, and other delicacies grown and produced in Malibu. The farm also has a volunteer program. Put in a few hours or a day gardening, and you'll be rewarded with free produce to take and enjoy at home.

Pick up some mallions and Rangpur limes, which have an unusually tart bright orange skin and flesh, by stopping by the farm local farmers markets where Vital Zuman has a booth. Then enjoy the taste of Malibu by making a fresh salad with the Vital Zuman original recipe below.

Rangpur Lime Vital Zuman Salad


1 malion
1 baby beet
Salad greens (mizuna, arugula, endive, red leaf, sour grass, mustard leaf, and Siberian kale) to taste
2 Rangpur limes
Organic extra virgin olive oil to taste


Rough chop greens together. Toss in your favorite organic extra virgin olive oil then juice the Rangpur limes directly into your salad.

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