See How City Officials Eat

Photo courtesy The Actor's Diet

Our colleagues at SoCal Connected dug deep into the financial records of the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, finding tens of thousands of dollars worth of receipts for employee incentives -- in other words, perks. Perks that are ultimately paid for in tax dollars, no less.

Over the years, senior HACLA officials have enjoyed a number of unofficial benefits, none more apparent than the near-constant meals out, the receipts for which the SoCal Connected team charted here. As residents of L.A., we're displeased to see our tax dollars going towards feasts at Drago Centro and Katsuya and Langer's. As food nerds, though, we have to admit we're also just a bit jealous.And in awe: $2,000 at Homegirl Cafe? These people can eat!

Check out all 964 meals out HACLA enjoyed from 2005-2011 here.


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