Sexy Restaurant Names: Do We Like Them?

Wood Handcrafted Pizza

Last year we talked about the plethora of restaurants and food trucks around town with sexually suggestive names and slogans. We asked if names like Egg Slut, Greasy Wiener, and Pink Taco bothered you -- and it turns out most of you are not easily disturbed!

65 percent of respondents even said they'd be more likely to visit a restaurant with a gross name. The remainder was split between people who'd avoid such a place, and those who don't even notice such things.

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But last night two new concepts were brought to my attention, and I felt the need to ask again. If nothing else, doesn't it seem a little base? Let's start with a food truck that's been around a while.

Baby's Badass Burgers | Photo by Drew Mackie

This burger truck has been operating on a strict T&A platform since day one, but this is the first I'd noticed their slogan.

Tokyo Doggie Style

New food truck Tokyo Doggie Style might reasonably be called "quirky" unless you discover that this is their mascot. That is some next-level kink.

Wood Handrafted Pizza

And then there is this. GROW UP, WOOD HANDCRAFTED PIZZA. (Also, more pizza in Silver Lake? Good luck with that.)

So, it seems like filthy names are the go-to marketing strategy for an increasing number of food-serving establishments. We still all cool with it, or are we reaching critical mass? Tell me in the poll!

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