Sprite Is the Best Hangover Remedy (Science Says So)

Photo by Linda Ly
Photo by Linda Ly

When it comes to hangovers, most people have their go-to morning-after remedies, from Pedialyte to Alka-Seltzer, from a steaming bowl of Vietnamese pho to a swig of even more beer.

But scientists in China have just discovered that the trick to bouncing back after a long night lies in Sprite, the lemon-lime soda that's been under our noses this whole time.

Among the drinks studied were xue bi and hui yi su da shui (Sprite and soda water, respectively). Both of these carbonated drinks were found to rapidly break down acetaldehyde, a metabolite of ethanol, and thereby reduce alcohol-induced symptoms.

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In contrast, herbal-infused teas (which sound like a good idea at first) were found to increase the body's exposure to acetaldehyde and amplify that hungover feeling.

Knowing this, it might be worthwhile to stock up on a six-pack of something fizzy to stash in the medicine pantry ... you know, in case of emergency.

To read the full text of the study, click here.

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