Taco Truck Wipes Out Korean BBQ in Iconic Dish Competition

A line builds at Taco Zone in Echo Park. | Photo: Jakob Layman

It was one savory meat against another: the first, created on a truck and wrapped up in a tortilla; the other, marinated and grilled yet perfectly tender. In the end, carnitas from Taco Zone took a healthy 12-point lead over Soot Bull Jeep's bulgogi in our L.A.'s Iconic Food competition.

Comments on social media were an easy indicator for Taco Zone's win, but one Monterey Park resident had a good point about bulgogi: "Many people don't know what this is so they might not choose it." We can't say if that's why Soot Bull Jeep lost, but we do know that if you're one of those who has never tried, it's a great reason to head on over and check this off your L.A. must-eat list.

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As for Taco Zone, they will go on to face a French dip sandwich, but which version -- from Cole's or Philippe's -- is still up in the air.

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