The 8 Best Updated S'mores Recipes


National S'mores Day approaches. And boy, have we got some recipes to help you celebrate! We have the classic approach outlined (and improved), but we also have seven creative twists in case you want a more elevated, more indoor rendition. Though the original Girl Scouts version, which was printed almost 100 years ago, and seen above, (see all of "Tramping and Trailing" here) is hard to improve upon, we do like to try.

Now, there are many ways to incorporate toasted marshmallows into your life. Ben Mandelker of B-Side Blog gave us the following tip: get frozen yogurt at your froyo dispensary of choice, then come home and top it with your own toasted marshmallows. His s'mores combo: Dutch chocolate with a bonus swirl of birthday cake, topped with Oreos, Heath bar, chocolate sauce, and chocolate sprinkles. And then the marshmallows. As Ben says, "People need to get out of the way when I show up at Cantaloop."

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But if you prefer following a recipe ... have at it!

S'mores Cheesecake

This might be the height of decadence. And we're into it. Tracey (of Tracey's Culinary Adventures, of course) has really outdone herself with this one. See the recipe here.

Graham Cracker Cupcake

The best part of this s'mores cupcake recipe from 52 Kitchen Adventures is that the graham cracker takes center stage -- perfect for those who go easy on the chocolate in the traditional version. See the recipe here.

S'mores Stuffed Pizza Cookie

This looks like a dream come true -- and anything cooked in a skillet is automatically good. Sandwich s'mores ingredients in between layers of chocolate chip cookie dough, and you're set! See the recipe at Handle the Heat.

Mini S'mores Bites

Why not impress your guests this weekend with a multitude of tiny bite-sized desserts? See the recipe here.

S'mores Cookies

Cookies make the messy dessert neater and more couch-friendly, since they're packaged up in dough. Plus, they've got two kinds of chocolate, which is always a positive development. Get the recipe here.

S'mores Fudge

It occurs to us that this fudge is perfect for camping -- of course, you have to make it ahead, but it's easy to pack and keeps awhile. Whether you eat it indoors or out, give this s'mores fudge a try -- the recipe is here.

S'mores Macarons

Macarons are fancy. S'mores are not. So where does a s'mores macaron fall? Either, way you'll need a blowtorch to make these, so get ready for some excitement! See the recipe here.


If you're going camping and want some bonfire twists on the classic, check out these techniques!

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