The Best Bagels and Lox in Los Angeles

L.A. gets no respect as a bagel town. New York transplants grouse that the water doesn't have the right blend of minerals, and Montreal expats lament the dearth of wood-fired ovens. Luckily for hungry Angelenos, there are in truth plenty of places in the Southland to grab all sorts of bagels, lox and related dishes -- just in time for February 9, National Bagels and Lox Day.

Here are a few examples. Don't forget to tell us your favorite places to get your bagel-and-lox fix in the comments.



A bagel and lox plate at Home. Photo by Ismail Elshareef.



Bagel with lox at Canter's Deli. Photo by Flickr user mjkmjk, used under a Creative Commons license.



An open-faced bagel sandwich with lox, onion and tomatoes at Langer's Deli. Photo by KCET.




Making bagels at Jack's Bistro & Famous Bagels. Photo © Jack's Bistro & Famous Bagels.



Bagel and lox plate from Bottega Louie. Photo by Flickr user kayone, used under a Creative Commons license.



Assorted bagels at Brooklyn Bagel. Photo by KCET.



A lox plate with bagel at Urth Caffe. Photo courtesy of Culinary Fool.



Bagel with lox and capers from Le Petit Jardin. Photo courtesy of Flickr user vidalia_11.




Smoked salmon on dark rye from Chado Tea Room. Photo courtesy of Flickr user evilmidori.




A lox breakfast dish with toast at Ktchn 105. Photo courtesy of eye of the kat.




Carb-free bonus: smoked-salmon sashimi at Kabuki. Photo courtesy of Cathy Chaplin.