The Best Cupcakes in L.A.

Every so often, ever since cupcakes became a grown-up dessert a few years ago, some bakery item will cause a mini-sensation and be called "the new cupcake." Well, we're calling it. Cupcakes are the new cupcakes. People just like them too much -- they're not going anywhere. And in celebration of that, and the fact that Thursday is National Cupcake Day (there will be frosting-filled rioting in the streets!), we've put together this gallery of our favorite cupcakes in L.A. Enjoy!


Red Velvet cupcakes from Auntie Em's. Image by Gastronomy Blog.


Chocolate cupcake at Joan's on Third. Image by Meta Interiors.


An assortment of mini cupcakes at Yummy Cupcakes. Image by The Delicious Life.


Red Velvet cupcake at Big Man Bakes. Image found on Big Man Bakes' Facebook page.


Chocolate cake cupcake from Bake You Happy. Image by Flickr user R. E. ~.

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Yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting at Magnolia Bakery. Image by Flickr user Muy Yum.


An assortment of mini cupcakes from Vanilla Bake Shop. Image by Flickr user Muy Yum.


Red velvet cupcakes from Frosted Cupcakery. Image from Frosted Cupcakery's Facebook page.


Valentine's cupcakes from Susie Cakes. Image by Flickr user megpi.


Chocolate cupcake from Breakaway Bakery. Image by Flickr user greenlagirl.

[Additional reporting by Yoli Martinez]


This post was updated on 12/15/2016

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