The Best Pastrami in L.A.

All right, all right -- so we're not New York. But there's no reason why Los Angeles can't celebrate this week's National Pastrami Day. We know we can hold our own in the pastrami wars (a cold war that often threatens to go hot.) After all, we can lay claim to Langer's. But the options go even beyond the MacArthur Park classic: here we have the best pastrami in L.A., from Thousand Oaks to Alhambra.


#19 Pastrami at Langer's. Image by Flickr user bittermelon.



A Reuben sandwich from The Oinkster. Image by KCET DOT ORG.


A pastrami sandwich from Johnnie's Pastrami.

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Pastrami on rye from Brent's. Image by Flickr user Ron Dollete.


Chili cheese pastrami fries from The Hat. Image from Flickr user Mike Saechang.


Pastrami from Eastside Market Italian Deli.


Pastrami from Canter's Deli. Image by iFlipForFood.


Pastrami from Label's Table Deli. Image by LA Food God.


Freshly cut pastrami from Smoke City Market. Image by Flickr user Guzzle & Nosh.

[Additional reporting by Yoli Martinez]

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