The Best Pickles in L.A.

It's National Pickle Day, a perfect occasion for marking our city's obsession with all things pickle-y, whether at restaurants or at home. There is a wide range of pickle styles available in L.A., from Armenian to Japanese to highly experimental and untethered to any country. Where do you find your favorite pickles? Tell us in the comments!

Israeli pickled turnip and cabbage from Pita. Image by Flickr user Marshall Astor - Food Pornographer.


Pickled deviled egg from The Tar Pit. Image by Flickr user Ron Dollete.

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Japanese pickles from Sushi Go 55. Image by Flickr user josewolf.


Heirloom pickles at A-Frame. Image by Flickr user Muy Yum.


Spicy pickles at The Lazy Ox Canteen. Image by Flickr user KayOne73.


Pickles at Canter's Deli. Image by Flickr user Laughing Squid.


Deep fried pickles at Home. Image by Flickr user Shutter Ferret.


Homemade pickles. Image by Flickr user saltyseadog.




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