The Cookbooks of Southern California

California is lucky enough to have some of the best food in the world, so it's only natural that some fabulous cookbooks originate here, too. Seeing as it's National Cookbook Month, we put together this collection of books celebrating Southern California recipes - our restaurants have some great tricks up their toques that they shared within these pages. What are you favorite local cookbooks? Tell us in the comments below.

This Brentwood favorite's book of recipes is complemented by stories from staff and patrons alike.
The desserts within this book draw inspiration from around the world and from L.A. restaurants long gone, like Chasen's and the Brown Derby.
Akasha Richmond was a caterer and private chef for years - her recipes have been served to all manner of beautiful people.
This out-of-print cookbook has a cult following (unused versions sell for as high as $653 on Amazon).
Before there was Mozza, there was Campanile. (At least in terms of Nancy Silverton's tragectory.) This was the L.A. restaurant for a while, and the recipes still hold up.
Food-wise, Orange County's Little Saigon is one of the most celebrated neighborhoods in the area. Makes sense it gets its own book.
One of L.A.'s classic restaurants from the moment it opened its doors, locals can now make that insane budino at home.
The latest to join the pantheon of SoCal cookbooks, Josiah Citrin's book of recipes debuts this month.

Additional reporting by Yoli Martinez

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