The Donut Man Wins L.A's Iconic Dish Trophy For Their Strawberry Donuts

The Donut Man

Donut Man owners Jim and Miyoko Nakano hold their extremely impressive L.A's Iconic Dish statue in front of their store.

L.A.'s Iconic Dish was a fiercely contested battle: a 16-contestant charge to the foodie finish line, with all kinds of twists and surprises along the way.

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Many thought that a sandwich would reign supreme, and indeed, both Philippe's and Langer's gave a strong showing. But in the end, L.A. voted with its sweet tooth. Come with us on a visit to the legendary Glendora storefront.

strawb donut-thumb-600x450-58913
The famous strawberry donut. This is the donut that won the entire contest. It's only available when strawberries are in season, hence the summertime mania for them.


Pumpkin donuts for fall -- seasonality is a big deal here, even if it's holiday-based.


Strawberry cream puff-style donuts.


Racks on racks on racks. Of donuts.


A dough of potato flour and yeast is dunked into soybean oil to create these beauties.


Jim chatting up customers, trophy in hand.


And, trophy still in hand, overseeing the creation of another seasonal item: apple donuts. Basically a fried apple pie!


The be-bannered store.


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