The Local Table: Sweet Tree Farms and Jar


California grows the best peaches in America. (You heard us, Georgia.) Host Katherine Spiers visited a fruit farm in Dinuba and then learned to make a peach salad from Chef Suzanne Tracht.

Sweet Tree Farms, owned by farmer Annie Florendo, grows all kinds of fruit year-round, from plums to apples to cherries. Nectarines and peaches are the stars, though.

Suzanne Tracht owns the famous Jar restaurant in West Hollywood, which is famous for its classic chophouse dishes -- the pot roast is especially beloved. But her side dishes are a thing of wonder, too, which is why we asked her to work her magic on some white peaches from Sweet Tree.

Her recipe includes the peaches, celery, watercress, arugula, Marcona almonds, parmesan, lemon, salt, pepper, olive oil, and vinegar. It's very simple, very refreshing, and a delightful way to enjoy local produce. Enjoy!


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