The Magic Castle Has Hired A New Chef


Hollywood's legendary Magic Castle has hired a new chef -- they aren't copping to it, but we have to figure it's an attempt to update and improve their traditionally lackluster food offerings.

Shushan Zupic, who grew up in Whittier and attended Marshall High School in Los Feliz, is the Magic Castle's new executive chef. She's held that position previously at various country clubs, worked in kitchens both in L.A. and San Francisco, and recently consulted at Engine Co. No. 28.

Generally speaking, non-members are required to purchase dinner in order to attend an evening at the Castle. The food doesn't get great reviews, but Zupic seems ready to shake up the kitchen.

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"I would like our kitchen to return to a 'scratch' kitchen. I would like to make everything here on the property, and focus on not buying anything pre-made. I am focusing on fresh and seasonal products, and educating staff," Zupic said in the Magic Castle's most recent newsletter.

She's also installing a smoker in the kitchen and plans on changing the menu seasonally. A bone-in ribeye with butter-poached enoki mushrooms has already been added, as well as a vegan dish. It looks as though some of the side dishes have been updated as well: we spotted quinoa on the menu.



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