The Next Big Thing: Viral Video-Based Restaurants

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Adios, "David After Dentist." So long, Justin Bieber's "Baby." Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya, "Numa Numa." All viral videos must now bow down to the South Korean rap superstar sensation PSY, whose "Gangnam Style" has become the most-viewed YouTube video of all time. As I type this, it has nearly 882 million views, and is set to become the singular video to reach one billion views before the year is up. And as you'd imagine, some folks are trying to cash in on the video's success.

Already the market is flooded with unauthorized PSY-based items, everything from plush dolls to bottle cap art. But those are nothing compared to the restaurant in Koreatown formerly known as Soju Town, which closed up shop for a few months and reopened simply with the name of "Gangnam Style."

Lucky for them, PSY is not a litigious type. It makes sense in a way: A viral video becomes popular through word-of-mouth, and having a restaurant named after the video can only help. In fact, why not go all the way and create restaurants themed after some of the most-viewed videos of all time? Here's some ideas:

David After Dentist

The eatery inspired by this video, viewed 116 million times and counting, would have to be a desserts shop. Sugary sweets wall-to-wall, with videos of the drugged-up tyke playing on a variety of screens. If you want to take the dental route even further, put together a Dentist's Corner full of brushing techniques, flossing methods, and even an on-site dentist to check for cavities. Or, maybe forget that, seeing as it's gross and all, and just have a back room full of laughing gas.

Grape Stomp

People getting slightly injured is hilarious. This is a scientifically proven entity, established by the continuing existence of "America's Funniest Home Videos" and the fact that a trilogy of "Jackass" movies made it into the theaters. So, it's no wonder that a video of a reporter falling down while stomping grapes went viral. A store based on this concept, obviously, should be about tasting and purchasing the finest wines in California. It wouldn't hurt to have a replica of the stomping platform where customers can try out their own smashing efforts.

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Numa Numa

One of the oldest and most popular viral videos of all time simply features a kid lip-syncing to a dance song from a Moldovan pop group called O-Zone. Hence: A store specializing in a wide array of Moldovan food, such as brânzÄ? (a brined stew), mÄ?mÄ?ligÄ? (a porridge) and ghiveci (a mutton stew). And, of course, a dance floor.

Zombie Kid Like Turtles

I know the question you're thinking: Just how do you create a restaurant out of a 17-second clip of a reporter asking a kid wearing zombie makeup what he thinks of it, and that response being the nonsensical "I like turtles"? Simple: Surf-and-turf.

Miss Teen South Carolina

In honor of the rambles about U.S. Americans, create a small boutique shop with food items of all shapes and sizes, everything from hot dogs to sushi to potato salad to kale, apply some kind of edible adhesive to the store's walls, and have customers attempt to throw their food of choice against the wall. If it sticks, they get it for free. If it lands on the ground, they pay full price. And, you know, such as, education, and maps, and Iraq, South Africa. And such as.

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