This Is What the GOP Thinks of Food Stamp Recipients

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Greg Brannon, a Republican Senate candidate from North Carolina, recently created ripples in the political blogosphere when he concluded that food stamps should be eliminated by the government because they're essentially a form of "slavery." This, obviously, is misguided, inappropriate, and mostly just plain old confusing. But one thing it shouldn't be at this point is shocking.

See, Brannon isn't just a lone voice of obliviousness among the more understanding folks in the Republican party. (For instance: David Vitter, a Republican Senator from Louisiana, just recommended all SNAP recipients be forced to show photo IDs when using them.) Really, Brannon's just mimicking the standard company line when it comes to how the elephant-ier part of our political spectrum feels about SNAP recipients.

And you don't have to take my word for it.

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Here, then, without commentary -- because, frankly, it just isn't necessary -- is a potpourri of statements from Republican politicians and members of the media about people who are recipients of food stamps.

Sarah Palin, former Republican governor of Alaska:



Rush Limbaugh, Republican broadcaster:



Steve Southerland (R-FL):



Eric Cantor, (R-VA):



Kevin Cramer (R-ND):



Stephen Fincher (R-TN), also quoting the Bible, and apparently the Soviet Constitution as well:



Charles Payne, Fox News contributor:



Rich Karlgaard, Republican journalist:



John Tamny, Republican columnist for Forbes magazine:



Ted Yoho, (R-FL):



Paul Ryan, (R-WI):



Mary Franson (State R-MN):



Bill O'Reilly, Republican broadcaster:



Nope. Jesus wouldn't be down with helping the poor. Definitely not.

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