This Week in Food Media: The End of Los Feliz, the Beginning of Tomatoes

Photo courtesy Atwater Village Now
Photo courtesy Atwater Village Now

It's a big week for food news in L.A.'s (soon to be no longer) corridor of cool, the Los Feliz-Silver Lake-Atwater region.

The Bon Vivant Market soft-opened today in Atwater Village, bringing with it delicious little bites of sweets and savories, as well as a full bar (ding ding ding!). A soft-open is a bit of a trial run, so give the owners feedback if you try it out! We're excited about Bon Vivant, but this next announcement....

Rick Caruso, he of The Grove and The Americana, wants to buy a stretch of Vermont Avenue and rebuild it into a new retail space. There goes the neighborhood...

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The Eastsider also reveals details of the new restaurant/bar taking over The Other Side in Silver Lake, and I haven't decided how to feel about it yet. Hooray for small business, and bars in that part of town. On the other hand, I'm not sure about the owners' culinary chops. Guess it remains to be tasted.

Today in "I'm so glad I live in L.A.:" An unemployed woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma was striving for greater self-sufficiency when she tore up her lawn and planted it full of medicinal and edible plants. Then the city came and bulldozed it. Absolutely unfair and infuriating -- not to mention a waste of government resources.

UC Davis have discovered a way to re-genetically modify conventional tomatoes to make them taste good again. Sigh.

And finally, a bit of whimsy: some farm boys from Kansas made a music video.

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