Top 6 Pizzas in Los Angeles

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day! To make your next pizza excursion easier, we've gathered for you six of the best pizzas in Los Angeles: from the Farmer's Market, where the D'Amore family set up shop after introducing the first pizzeria in L.A., all the way over to Arcadia's local favorite.

Mother Dough in Hollywood:

Prosciutto and arugula pizza. Image by Flickr user calamity_hane, used under a Creative Commons License.

Village Pizzeria in Larchmont:

Veggie II Pizza. Image by Flickr user feministjulie, used under a Creative Commons License.

Stella Rossa in Santa Monica:

Stella Rossa- Housemade Organic Italian Sausage, credit Donna Jones.

Zelo in Arcardia:

Wild Mushroom

Mulberry Street in Sherman Oaks:

Penne Pizza. Image by Flickr user Muy Yum, used under a Creative Commons License.

Patsy D'Amore in the Farmer's Market:

Patsy's Special

Tell us where you get your favorite pizza!

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