Where Do L.A. Women Get Their Science-Recommended Daily Drinks?

Club Tee Gee | Photo: Roy Ubu/Flickr/Creative Commons License

Perhaps you happened upon this study about how drinking one or two alcoholic beverages a day can help women prevent a loss in bone density -- or perhaps a lush friend of yours forwarded it along to you as a way to coerce you into meeting up at a bar. The point is, science(!) is telling ladies they should drink more, which can only be a good thing! But where does an L.A.-habitating gal go to enjoy a drink?

To find out, I decided to go the very-much-unscientific route of just asking a bunch of female friends. (Not necessarily my most boozed-inclined friends, mind you, as much as the ones who happened to be easily accessible on gchat, Facebook, or other "zen surveying" means.) Here are their responses:


My favorite is Bar 107, and this was before I lived three blocks away from it. There's always fun music, it's always lively, they serve tall boys for $5. If you would have asked me this 4 years ago, I would have told you Beauty Bar in Hollywood, because it was an excellent place to whore out at.

Kristin Wong:

Arine Hayrapetian:

Michelle Garakian:

Tiffany Shin:

Hayley Terris:

Elsa O'Callaghan

Megan Berru:

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Jessica Hay:

Melissa Okey:

Andrea Martinez:

Irene Lin:

So, then. What did we learn from all of this? Well, some of my friends who happen to be female enjoy drinking alcohol at bars. Some of them do not. All of them have something to say about it.


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