Will Restaurants Serve Test-Tube Meat?

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A few weeks ago, I asked a handful of my confidants whether or not they'd ever try meat that has been grown in test-tubes, before turning the question over to you readers. Somewhat shocking -- at least, to me -- is that a majority of online respondents answered "no" to the question; I'd assume that most people would at least give it a shot once. The results are close (as it stands, 53.8% of folks answer in the negative fashion) but the people have spoken: Test-tube meat is not for them.

But is it for those who really matter? By which I mean, those providing the food. To find out, I contacted a bunch of local restaurants and posed to them the same question: Would you use meat that was grown in test-tubes?

Here are their answers, from various owners and representatives:

The Oinkster

Umami Burger

Kogi BBQ

Cafe Gratitude

(Note: I know they're vegan. Just felt like testing them on this to make sure.)

Mohawk Bend

Pacific Dining Car

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And now, the really two interesting answers of the batch:

Let's Be Frank Dogs

A mouthful sure, but a point worth pondering. The best answer from the pool, though, came from Rhonda Reynolds and Rob Rowe, co-owners of one of my favorite establishments in the city...

Masa of Echo Park


Which certainly seems like a perfect way to sum up the general feeling restaurants seem to have when it comes to test-tube meats: No one wants to be the one to take the plunge, but if it becomes a proven consumer-demanded money-maker, well, who's to say they won't take another look?

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