Yes on Proposition 37 Launches First Television Ad

The first television ad in the Prop 37 scuffle has debuted today.

The commercial, produced by the Yes on Proposition 37 California Right to Know Campaign, compares GMOs -- and the argument that they're safe -- to tobacco, DDT and Agent Orange.

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No on 37, the organization fighting to maintain current food labeling, has the deeper pockets in this fight. By a lot: according to MediaNews Group, their supporters have donated almost $25 million, while Yes on Prop 37 has raised only $2.8 million.

However, the Yes campaign has strength in numbers, if social media is any indication. As of this writing they have over 50,00 Twitter followers and over 35,000 Facebook fans, while No on 37 has only 164 Twitter followers and 319 Facebook fans.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the ad, and take the poll: how do you think you'll vote?

[Photo courtesy Flickr user Daquella manera]



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