A Tale of Two, Three, Four, or Five Rivers


Your intrepid reporter is on assignment this week covering the greening of the Manzanares River in Madrid, Spain. Cities around the world are revitalizing urban waters. In columns to come, we will report on rivers in two, three, four, maybe even five cities. 

Today's column provides a sneak preview of what's to come.

Manzanares River Park

Madrid's Manzanares River Park is a 300 acre revitalization project (See above photo courtesy The City Project/Nic Garcia).

Los Angeles River

President Barack Obama has designated the greening of the Los Angeles River as one of the top 101 priorities across the nation for his America's Great Outdoors initiative, out of only two per state. The Department of Interior has also named the L.A. River one of seven urban waters priorities across the nation.


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San Gabriel River

The San Gabriel River, also a part of the Great Outdoor Initiative, runs from the San Gabriel Mountains to the Pacific Ocean at Seal Beach, running through the proposed National Recreation Area.


Manhattan Waterfront Greenway

New York City is creating the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, stretching 32 miles along the Hudson, East and Harlem Rivers.


Almendares River

The greening of the Almendares River and Park is one of the major ongoing urban renewal projects in La Habana, Cuba.


Stay tuned as we bring you updates on these important projects.

All images except Manzanares courtesy The City Project/Robert Garcia.

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