Arrival Story: Barack Obama Special Edition

Barack Obama as a freshman at Occidental College. Photo by Lisa Jack.

Every week, Jeremy Rosenberg (@LosJeremy) asks, "How did you - or your family before you - wind up living in Los Angeles?"

Today, though, we've still got #Election2012 on the brain. So in lieu of the usual stories you can find here, Rosenberg culled a couple of Arrival Story-style quotes from author-in-chief Barack Obama's bestselling 1995 memoir, "Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance."

On page 96 of the 2004 hardcover re-issue, in the Chapter titled, "Origins," the future President says that he decided to attend Occidental College "mainly because I'd met a girl from Brentwood while she was vacationing in Hawaii with her family."

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Then, two pages later, Obama writes more about Occidental and his L.A.-area impressions:

On the next page, 99, Obama writes this:

"Telling L.A." premieres December 5, 2017.

Obama's arrival at Oxy wasn't his first time in the Golden State. As a ten-year-old, the future President and his family took a month-long trip that included a ride down the California coast and to Disneyland (p. 144).

Also: Here's a link to the College's "Obama at Oxy" webpage; here's a New Yorker post, "Obama at Occidental," from someone who was there; and here are some Time photos of the future President, from 1980.


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