Congratulations George Wolfe, 2012 River Hero


A pioneer in the revitalization of the L.A. River has been honored in the 12th annual 2012 River Heroes Awards. George Wolfe, who famously kayaked its 52 mile stretch in 2008, has been named a 2012 River Hero by Tom's of Maine and the River Network, who recognizes exceptional efforts to protect rivers and other watersheds in our nation. As a past contributor for our Departures: L.A. River installment and consistent voice advocating for recreation and access to the river, KCET Departures is proud to congratulate Mr. Wolfe!

Wolfe's paddling adventure, which was the first highly public adventure of its kind, influenced the EPA's decision to declare the river navigable, giving it all the federal protections of a traditional river. In addition, his brave excursion encouraged Paddle the L.A. River Program, launched in 2011 by the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. and various partners (including Wolfe's LA River Expeditions, the City, USACE, MRCA, The River Project, Urban Semillas, and Friends of the LA River) and was named Project of the Year by The Corps Network.

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Cinema T, founded by Wolfe's wife, Thea Mercouffer, is now completing post-production on its new documentary, "Rock the Boat: Saving America's Wildest River," which begins with the original boating expedition and ends up speaking to our complex and often dysfunctional relationship to water. For more details on the film's progress, see their website.

Wolfe and others like him are working hard in the city to bring awareness to the river through recreation and education. Share in our celebration for George by exploring more on him via the links below and expanding your own knowledge and ways to experience the L.A. River.


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