Ed Fuentes: Larger than Life Human Cyclone

The Human Cyclone

Departures' resident mural and street art specialist Ed Fuentes gets a nod today in the L.A. Times, describing him as a "human cyclone," a fast-moving chronicler of the changing faces of downtown L.A. In the article, he describes his passion for murals:


Murals were designed to be art for the masses, and in the case of ethnic-based murals, spoke for those underrepresented. In Los Angeles, its own identity is lost because it's a region people come to reinvent the city, and/or reinvent themselves. This current legacy of remaining murals, plus the manifesto of current artists, may not realize their work represents another undervalued voice: The city's own history.


When I was looking to create my own form of narrative, I sensed the traditional L.A. mural, in its best form, is a novel.... I thought to myself, what is a modern way of storytelling, and used a newspaper column as a tone ... ended up writing more to get a higher level of storytelling.



Read the L.A. Times article here, and spend some quality time browsing through the archive of his writings for Departures, or his own blog viewfromaloft.


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