Goodbye National Stadium For The Future

"Sayonara, National Olympic Stadium Final; For the Future," was held at the National Olympic Stadium on May 31, 2014 as the last event before the stadium's demolition. Onlookers grieved during the final celebration as they remembered the various events held at the venue, including commemorative soccer/rugby matches, an Olympic torch relay, and a Blue Impulse exhibition flight that drew the Olympic rings in the air in the same way it was done at the 1964 Olympic opening ceremonies. 

Community members participated and enjoyed the event together, including the residents of the Metropolitan Kasumigaoka apartments next door to the National Olympic Stadium. However, it was the last event for the Kasumigaoka apartment neighborhood association. They received eviction notices in preparation for the re-construction of the National Olympic Stadium and hosting of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The residents received coverage in the news. The day before the "Sayonara" event, the residents of the Kasumigaoka apartments were invited to a television station to comment on the Blue Impulse exhibition flight at the stadium event, and to offer a comparison between the 1964 Olympics and the recently decided 2020 Tokyo Olympics. They were specifically asked to refrain from speaking about the evictions. Unable to restrain their thoughts about the eviction crisis they were facing, the Kasumigaoka residents continued to speak beyond the script and voiced their opinions.


Director: Shinya Aoyama


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